Best of MenuPages Reviws: The American Dream

There are some things we all, by virtue of being citizens of this flawless nation of ours, hold dear. Apple pie, Superman, hot dogs and beer. But there’s more to America than just that, as our MenuPages reviews show us.

For example, there’s this anonymous review for Bandera:

One of the best restaraunts ever. Great atmosphere, fantastic food, quick and precise service, and get this! The urinals have TV’s on them! It’s just the perfect example of American dining.

Maybe it’s just a question of sentence order, but dayum: urinals with TVs on them? We’ve never experienced that! This might be because we are, to put it delicately, a girl. But it also might be because we’re not living our American dining experience to the fullest.

Of course, everything has its darker side. Here in the good ol’ U.S. of A. you’ve got to be on your toes. They’re mean streets, and danger lurks around every corner. Like this anonymous review of an anonymous restaurant:

My Friend and i walked in to this place one night, hoping we can buy a whole pizza… we were told that they would not be able to do so, because it would take to much time. Then we started arguing with the employee behind the counter, and then another employee came to us from behind, and actually punched a friend of mine in the back of the head.

You feel that pain? That is the pain of freedom. No more whining!

Reviewer Natalie, in her take on Golden Chef Chinese Kitchen, reminds us of the other things that Americans love:

the only way i can really tell you how good this place is, would be to tell you that at one point i ate from here 5 times a week, all the neighborhood drug dealers get their chinese food from here, and my grandparents, who dislike everything except jesus, absolutely love it.

Nothing says red, white, and blue like Chinese food, drug dealers, and Jesus. And that’s a fact.

[Photo: deeply badass eagle, via fantartsy_JJ’s Flickr]

Best of MenuPages Reviws: The American Dream