Bay Area Food Events: Weekend Warrior Edition

Our horoscope today:

“You’re feeling a little bored with the same old routines and look–so see if you can mix them all up somewhat!”

True dat!

We couldn’t be possibly be more bored today. Work isn’t doing it for us, the fact that’s Friday isn’t doing it for us, all we can think is: Didn’t this all happen last week?

But we find ourselves unusually without plans this weekend and coupled with the fact that Sweetie is having a “Boy’s Weekend” in Vegas it seems to us the San Francisco Bay Area is our social oyster.


Hip Tastes: Rock and Roll Wine Tasting: Having spent last weekend in Napa sipping wine like we were living the good life, we’re kind of intrigued by the influence of Hair Bands and Metal on our ability to really appreciate the oak and berry subtleties in our Cab. Admission is $30 and it starts at 7PM at Pink (on 16th between Mission and South Van Ness).


Broke-Ass Stuart , recently one of San Francisco’s most loved and hated frugal food critics, will be signing books at the Union Square Borders this Saturday at Noon. He’s been making the bookstore the rounds and since we missed him at the Booksmith a couple of week’s ago we figure this might be a good opportunity to see if we can get any free dining suggestions.

The San Rafael Food & Wine Festival: Tomorrow from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. Pretty much what you expect from of a Marin County food festival—tents, samples, local art work, smooth jazz. Not so sure if this is really our scene, but our horoscope has instructed us to change things up a bit.


Stern Grove Festival: This is the last weekend for the popular free summer concert series. It’s all about SF Opera this Sunday and our picnic basket.

[Picnic at Stern Grove photo via qdrips/Flickr]

Bay Area Food Events: Weekend Warrior Edition