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Dear MenuPages,
I live in New York City, but am getting married in Philly this fall. My husband-to-be and I are looking for a restaurant in Center City that can accommodate a party of 40, serves good food, and is not exorbitantly expensive. Since we don’t know the city, we are a total loss. Help!
-Angela, New York

A wedding dinner is hard, because you don’t want costs to spiral out of control, but do want it to be exceedingly delicious, while often having to keep a whole host of dietary restrictions in mind. Group dining options abound in Center City, and many of them are quite good. Many of them also happen to be quite pricey. We are of the mind that shying away from French/New American fare is the way to go if one is looking to make economies without sacrificing taste. Here are some good bets.

Amada can host private parties as small as 24 people, and up to 150, and their prix fixe menu for private events is enough to make us want to get married right now. Paella with a lavendar crema catalana for dessert? I sure do!

• As long as you are not planning on topping 40 guests, Valentino is a beyond-solid option. The yummy, classic Italian food is a surefire crowd-pleaser, and the atmosphere is elegant enough for a wedding party.

• Oh, hey! It turns out we lied about that French/New American-as-a-wallet-killer thing. Prance on over to Loie, if bistro-ish food is what you envisioned for your nuptials. They have a private room above the main dining room where you can all eat together with a (partial) view of Rittenhouse Square.

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Ask MenuPages: Wedding Edition