Asian Invasion

We were set loose in Japan at age 21. And though we may have spent our first night lost in Tokyo and smoking cigarettes in the backseat of a police wagon (true story), we were able to travel throughout this visually stunning and intellectually stimulating country while tasting the best (and worst) sushi of our lives. Some had the consistency of rubber, and probably came out of the trunk of a Toyota. But when you taste quality sushi, with all the freshness rolled into one small power-punch of fish, rice, soy sauce, and wasabi cut as sharp as a razor’s edge, there’s almost nothing in the world that can compare.

On this side of the globe, finding this mind-blowing sushi can be quite a hard task. But when the yearly “Best of Boston” awards declared Douzo as Boston’s best sushi restaurant of 2008, we couldn’t help but agree. Located next to Copley Square, Douzo combines an ambiance that can only be explained as elegantly Asian. The sleek, minimalist decor in muted tones sets the bar. Speaking of the bar, one cannot be disappointed with the alcoholic beverages of Douzo. Besides a lengthy wine list, the sake selection is long and potent. Luckily, the educated servers can explain the ins and outs of every bottle, so trying something new isn’t exactly threatening.

When it comes to the sushi, Douzo speaks for itself. Translated into Japanese, it’s a simple phrase that means “please come in,” and anybody who walks through the restaurant’s doors will find it impossible to resist their superior sushi rolls. For a truly impeccable combination, sample the Alligator Roll, which combines shrimp tempura wrapped in eel and crabstick with spicy chili sauce. It’s so delicious, you might feel as if you’re transported straight to Tokyo. But take it from us, try to avoid getting lost on the way.

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[Photo: NY Sushi Blog]

Asian Invasion