Anything But Dark and Damp

Harvard Square may have a few questionable alleys, but The Cellar isn’t the dingy basement its name might imply. It does however lend itself to being a comfortable neighborhood hangout with all the staples: cheap, traditional American fare and cold drinks.

The Cellar is a classic pub downstairs, where you order at the bar and - carb haters beware - you can sample tater tots filled with mashed potatoes. Great beers on tap, and some of the friendliest bartenders we know.

Upstairs, the Garden gastropub keeps your budget under control and your mouth watering. The soups are one of our picks, a whole menu filled with tomato, pea, and cold choices for every foodie in your posse. The small plate appetizers are also stellar, and we’re here to remind you to ask about the daily special.

Right in between Harvard and Central Squares, great for a casual dinner with friends. Downstairs, cash only. Upstairs in the garden, they will gladly swipe your plastic.

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The Cellar [Official Site]

[Photo: Good Eatin With Lynne]


Anything But Dark and Damp