An Olympic Lunch

Apparently there is some sporting event getting underway over in China that is so popular, NBC is covering it.

But before the Olympic athletes can get started with their sweating and huffing, there must first be a whole mess of pomp and circumstance. You’ll probably watch the opening ceremony tonight, or else you’ll Tivo it and keep it in your DVR forever because you are an uncultured boor if you erase it.

In addition to the big public ceremony, of course, there’s one hell of a party for the heads of state. Unlike the recent G8 conference (perhaps because of it?) the menu for China’s kickoff banquet hasn’t made the rounds of the internet yet, but Xinhua News has the summary (all spellings [sic]):

The “royal lantern” assorted cold dishes, including crystal shrimp, beancurd sheet fish rolls, goose liver pate, leafmustard boiled with oil, and a thousand-layer beancurd cake, were served on a traditional Chinese royal lantern-shaped plate.

Specially-designed “Bird’s Nest” seasonal vegetables have been served due to the special moment of Olympics, and the steak on lotus leaf and cod in soy sauce have combined Chinese and Western characteristics together.

Also on the banquet menu was the matsutake soup in “melon cup”.

The guests were also served with a refreshment and fruit icecream.

Sounds great. Chinese President Hu Jintao, U.S. President George Bush, and the rest of the gang seem to have enjoyed it, and those finicky buzz-kills on the U.S. team weren’t invited anyway.

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[Photo: topgold/flickr]

An Olympic Lunch