A Three-Star Michelin Mystery

Sorry, folks. Though it is Friday and you were maybe expecting a movie, it’s not happening today. We’ve interrupted the normal 2.5-minute end-of-week time-waster so that we may bring you this amazing story of intrigue, mystery and Michelin stars. From The Independent:

Pascal Henry, 46, a Swiss motorbike courier, set out in May to eat in every Michelin three-starred restaurant in the world – 68 restaurants in nine countries in 68 days. He had reached restaurant number 40: El Bulli on the Costa Brava, acclaimed as the finest restaurant on earth, when, after his dessert, but before paying his bill, he vanished.

On his table he left his hat, some photographs and a notebook signed by some of the finest chefs in the world listing all the dishes that he had eaten so far.

That was just after midnight on 13 June. Since then nothing has been heard of him. His bookings in the remaining 28 restaurants have not been taken up. He was due to return to work this week. He has not appeared.

That is totally out of a movie. Why is this not getting more press? It has all the elements: A hip, sophisticated, yet working-class hero, a dream vacation, high culture approached by an everyman, a checkered past and, of course, the question of who’s out to get whom. Could the Michelin chefs of the world have offed poor Henry a la the Simpsons’ food critic episode? Could this be the most elaborate dine-and-dash in history? Whatever happens here, if this doesn’t get turned into a movie it will be a crime against humanity.

The last supper: mystery of the Swiss motorbike courier [The Independent]

[Photo: via jaqian/flickr]

A Three-Star Michelin Mystery