A Meditation On The Origins Of The Charleston

Okay, so we don’t have any proof about how the Charleston became a dance, but if we were to hazard a guess, we would say it had something to do with old-school cocktails. We say this because fancy watering holes that serve retro elixirs have been welling up all over town, and after some sampling, we couldn’t help but notice that they pack quite a punch! So what are some of these classy establishments where one can sip on a Sazerac or take cautious swigs of a Tom Collins? Why, glad you asked!

• Although it’s no new kid on the block, Southwark has an impressive list of concoctions, with everything from Pisco Sours to Sidecars. A fantastic bonus is the possibility of ordering food from the first-rate kitchen, so that while you are imbibing your Aviation, you can also nibble at a small plate or devour one of the big plates, like say, the stuffed rabbit saddle, with gigante beans, cabbage, and smoked ham.

Continental is another promising old-school cocktail locale and serves both drinks of their own making, like the “Buzz Aldrin” (tang, Absolute Peach vodka and triple sec in an orange tang-rimmed glass), and classics like a Negroni. They too serve food, which is fortunate for any imbibers at the bar, because their eclectic Asian fusion menu is sure to satisfy.

• For those who want to feel as though they are in a speakeasy, the Society for the Promotion of Extraordinary Cocktails is just the thing. Not a bar or restaurant, but an occasional party, attendees get to mingle with like-minded cocktail fans. At one of the last SPEC events, the fortunate guests sipped potions like Mint Mayfairs (a muddle of lime, simple syrup, cucumber, mint and Hendrick’s gin), which were an original cocktail at the Bellevue Hotel, way back in the day. The next glamorous fete will take place August 23.

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A Meditation On The Origins Of The Charleston