A Local Son Says Farewell

Frequent MenuPages special correspondent Joe Rosner is moving to Rhode Island tomorrow in order to start college (we feel very very old).

Helen: so on the eve of your departure, want to write a post for me about what you’ll miss in Chicago?
Joe: the only thing i’ll really miss is the ease of biking up the lakeshore trail to anywhere in greater chicago
Helen: yeah that is not a food
Joe: i know
Joe: i guess i’ll miss the southern comfort food of hyde park
Joe: like the dixie kitchen, valois, and ribs ‘n’ bibs
Joe: doubt they’ll have much of that in RI
Helen: you should start a valois in providence
Helen: how do you say “see your food” in a rhode island accent?
Joe: seah ya fud?
Joe: fud with a little umlaut above it
Helen: and then it’s a big pile of clams behind glass
Joe: oh oh oh
Joe: only if its SEA your food
Joe: ouch.
Helen: zing!

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[Photo: breakfast at Valois “see your food” Cafeteria (1518 E 53rd St, 773 667 0647) via jasmined’s Flickr]


A Local Son Says Farewell