A Farmer’s Market for the Frugal Foodie

So in addition to being on a diet we’re also trying to be a little more fiscally conservative. Too much dining out means a bigger waistline and a slimmer wallet.

But the thing is, we work downtown, sit in front of a computer all day and as much as we love Wii Tennis and Rockband, we really need to get out of the office to collect our sanity. When you don’t smoke and you have all the free coffee and tea you could ever want on-site, getting out means going to lunch. Which we do. But the 10 to 12 dollars spent and the 2 to 3 pounds gained on the barbeque chicken sandwich and sweet potato fries at Zebulon a couple times a week adds up.

So here’s our new thing: The Crocker Galleria Farmer’s Market.

Every Thursday from 11 a.m to 3 p.m the Galleria has a farmer’s market on the lower level and it’s nice to walk around, catch a few free samples and maybe buy some seasonal produce. We get out of the office for a spell, we don’t spend $12 eating a “gourmet” sandwich and even better, we get some yummy fruit or locally made cheese spread to accompany the bagged lunch we’ve got back up in the office fridge (clearly spoken for with yellow Post-It note, of course).

We’re determined to lose 10 pounds and save enough money to take a nice little trip this fall. While sweet potato fries are hard to resist, it’s amazing how good a homemade avocado and cheese sandwich tastes with an organically grown peach from the farmer’s market.

The Crocker Galleria [Official Site]
Zebulon Café and Bar [Menupages]
Zebulon Café and Bar [Official Site]

[Photo via mrgarin/Flickr]

A Farmer’s Market for the Frugal Foodie