A Cooking Class Of One’s Own

This is a big week for us. We’ve decided to eat less, spend less and now, cook more. We have a pretty good handle on what we like to eat so we’ve been checking out the cooking schools and cooking classes in the city to see who can help us in the kitchen.

Tante Marie’s Cooking School is one of the more popular institutions. This place has the works: From Mediterranean to Meat Sauces, from weeklong sessions to weekend workshops—you name it, they’ve got it. But to be honest, looking over the schedule (and the prices) and it looks like Tante Marie might be something we work our way up to. Committing to $600 of cooking instruction suggests that we might have to be a little more domestic than we currently are and, let’s be honest, we say we’re going to cook every night, but we know our social life will get the best of us.

Alternatively, a lot of people have been recommending Apron Strings in the Mission, but it seems to be more kid-oriented. They do offer classes for both kids and adults, but the primary focus seems to be on the little ones with adult offerings taking the form of “cooking parties” and corporate team building events. We like the accessibility of Apron Strings and the low-key vibe so next time we find ourselves kid-sitting we’ll check it out.

Luckily all of our searching isn’t in vain. We’re excited to say that we think we found the perfect cooking school for us: The Cheese School of San Francisco. Yes, it’s not a cooking school in the sense that we’ll finally learn how to braise a Cornish game hen, but it’s one of the most ingenious schools we heard of since being suckered into a MFA program, and we can’t help but be tickled by the thought a cheese curriculum. Here’s the blurb:

The Cheese School of San Francisco is the only institution of its kind in the Bay Area dedicated to helping individuals and groups maximize their enjoyment of cheese and its accompaniments through education and tasting events, both structured and informal.

Nearly all of the August classes are sold out, but there’s a drop in class August 29 that will celebrate their 2 year anniversary. Drop in classes are $30 and while they don’t have the structure of a normal class, they sound fun and don’t require registration so people can come and go as they please.

We figure we’ll baby step our way to cooking schools. First we get cheese and cheese pairing down (just had a dinner of the best grilled cheese and avocado sandwich ever) and then we’ll move on to the Cornish game hens.

Tante Marie’s Cooking School [Official Site]
Apron Strings [Official Site]
The Cheese School of San Francisco [Official Site]

[Photo via Star5112/Flickr]

A Cooking Class Of One’s Own