Zot Serves Lion For Dinner

Headhouse Square Belgian restaurant Zot recently hosted the amazing “Flintstones Dinner.” That night, Zot skipped on moules frites and Jupiler to serve a menu of exotic meats including African lion, python, yak and black bear.

The excellent food blogger behind Philafoodie headed down to the dinner. The tasting menu consisted of python & foie gras, a lion stew with carrots, pearl onions and gnocchi, snapping turtle soup and black bear bacon in greens among others. On the whole, he had a good experience. Here’s his take on it:

“To be fair, Zot did a lot of things right with this dinner. First, Zot deserves credit for hosting such a dinner in the first place. We sometimes forget that restaurants are businesses with narrow profit margins, and this is not the type of dinner you host with the expectation of raking in the coin. Second, with the exception of the python & foie gras course (a miss from conception to execution), each dish, individually, was well prepared. In terms of the progression, each plate that was put in front of you became your new favorite.

If this were any other tasting menu, that probably would be sufficient. But this menu, by design, was different.”

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[Photo: Flintstones Dinner at Zot via Philafoodie]

Zot Serves Lion For Dinner