You Say It’s Your Birthday

As great as it is to eat out and constantly embark on culinary adventures, there are times when doing so becomes a bit of a strain on the wallet, and even the most frequent restaurant-goers among us require a pause. We can push this gloomy thought to the back of our mind though (at least around the time of our birthday), because there a some restaurants out there kind enough to shower birthday wishes upon us - at least in the form of free food!

• Popular Indian restaurant Tiffin, will give you a totally free dinner on your birthday. Yes, you read that right! All you’ve got to do is sign up for a “Tiffin Card” (which is 100% free of charge and also gives you heaps of other discounts), and once your birthday rolls around, mosey on over for your appetizer plus main course. We always want to try everything on the menu, but perhaps a birthday merits something as tasty as the wonderfully tender and spicy lamb chops. (A quick note while on the subject of Tiffin: the Mt. Airy location is set to open this Thursday, the 24th.) [via Phoodie]

• For those of you on the Main Line, or willing to hop on the R5 for upscale food, Tango Bistro in Bryn Mawr has a similar deal. Enroll in the “preferred guest program,” which also gets you a gift card, among other things, and when you go in within 14 days of your birthday, they will take $17 off the check. Okay, so it’s not quite as free as the special at Tiffin, but having had a delectable meal there, we think that it’s still a very nice deal. The grilled swordfish with sauteed spinach, potato gnocchi, marinara, and citrus caper butter seems pretty birthday-worthy to us, but really, you have the pick of the menu!

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You Say It’s Your Birthday