Vesuvio Bakery to Reopen, Not-So-Happy Meal at McDonald’s

A Queens woman found a metal screw in her McDonald’s apple pie, joining the guy who found a serrated knife in his Subway sandwich last week. [Gothamist]

Grimaldi’s owner Frank Ciolli on the pizzeria’s temporary closure: “It was some kind of accounting error. People make mistakes.” [Brooklyn Paper]

Denizens of Soho can rest assured that 90-year-old Vesuvio Bakery will reopen with its rare coal oven in tact. [The Villager]

The name of Heath Ledger’s bar may have been taken from a Nick Drake album. [Guest of a Guest]

Matt Gee, the Sasha Petraske–trained mixologist at the Randolph, explains why he freezes all of his bottles, why there are sometimes no stools at the bar, and fingers his favorite cocktail lounges around town. [Gothamist]

In his new book The Man Who Ate the World, English critic Jay Rayner tours Buddakan with Tim Zagat, who runs into his unlikely friend Bo Dietl [Gawker]

A half-dozen restaurants serve complimentary bottles, carafes, or bottomless glasses of wine with dinner. [amNY]

The Times picks some favorite sake bars and tells you how to decode Donburi-Ya’s confusing menu. [NYT]

Vesuvio Bakery to Reopen, Not-So-Happy Meal at McDonald’s