Tribune, Sun-Times, NewCity: Remember Nostalgia?

The Sun-Times and the Trib both run food features today on items that fall strictly into the love-’em-or-hate-’em category: root beer and pickles, respectively. (For the record, we are avid fans of both bark-based beverages and vinegar-macerated fruits & veggies, and have been known to become aggressive when confronted with those who dislike either.)

In particular, the S-T plugs the root beer at Cafe Matou, where there’s a very grown-up root beer float on the menu: the soda’s enhanced with a scoop of house-made ice cream and a shot of dark rum. And the Trib takes on the “the flavor and the novelty and the retro factor” of homemade (or house-made, if you’re at a restaurant) pickles, highlighting those of Susan Goss of West Town Tavern (she teaches classes, and we are tempted to sign up).

Also, for your reading pleasure:

• Nothing to see here, folks. Chicago-based company Tootsie Pop, makers of Tootsie Roll, Junior Mint and Blow Pops, isn’t on the market. [Sun-Times]

• Ever thought to yourself, “Gee, I wonder what the signature sandiwich at Country House Restaurant in Alsip is”? Wonder no more: it’s The Godfather. Reproducing the description here would require a prescription for Lipitor. [Sun-Times]

• Nobody says “fumé blanc” anymore, unless they are totally old and unhip. [Tribune]

• Enough with the barbecue! The real gastronomic masterpiece of the American south is the pulled pork sandwich. [Tribune]

• Nelson Algren: total foodie! [NewCity]

[Photo: Pulled pork sandwich, via lexnger’s Flickr]


Tribune, Sun-Times, NewCity: Remember Nostalgia?