Tribune, Sun-Times, NewCity: Choice Quotes

• “I’ve always loved cheeses,” she added. “They become like little people. We turn them over, let them breathe, re-wrap them.” Or as cheese expert Carlos Souffront of the Ann Arbor, Mich., deli Zingerman’s said at a session Friday, “I think of them as babies: They’re in constant need of attention, and they can’t talk.” [Tribune]

• “The style of the 45th parallel is complexity and elegance,” he said. “There are more intelligent wines on the 45th parallel. It’s wine more for the brain than the palate.” … “There’s ‘Under the Tuscan Sun,’ ” Currado said with a chuckle, referring to the book by Frances Mayes. “Here, it’s under the Piedmontese fog. The 45th parallel is not Tuscany or Southern California. We have cold weather here.” [Tribune]

•”First, notice that I’m using the term “burger” instead of “hamburger.” Hamburgers are made of beef, but from this day forward, remember that great burgers come from many sources: lamb, pork, turkey, even salmon or crab.” [Tribune]

• “I set out to create a personal chef in a can,” reasons Chiappetti, executive chef for the past two years at Viand. [Sun-Times]

• Two fat ladies, a motorcycle with a sidecar, and more bacon, cream and butter than is good for anyone. It’s an odd formula for compelling food television, but it became the stuff of genius when Jennifer Paterson and Clarissa Dickson Wright transformed it all into the deliciously campy ”Two Fat Ladies” cooking show. [Sun-Times]

• Little does anybody know that behind the diner’s silver swinging door is a well-greased breakfast machine that will topple anything in the way of its mission “to provide customers with unsurpassed exceptional service with a joyful heart.” As it swings open on an unfortunate waitress’ elbow, her yelps of pain are lost among the clanking of dishes and the cracking of eggs. [NewCity]

[Photo: Baby Cheesus (get it?!) via joe_cool’s Flickr]

Tribune, Sun-Times, NewCity: Choice Quotes