Trans-Fat-Less Goods Still Tasty; Burger King’s ‘Healthy’ Kids Meal

• Good news! It seems that baked goods made without trans fat taste just as good, if not better, according to a taste test. [NYDN]

• Spike Mendelsohn from Top Chef thinks Washington, D.C., is the next big food city. [WP]

Ko’s reservation system has turned into a Net obsession? You don’t say. [Wired]

• Burger King has introduced a “healthy” kids meal consisting of Kraft macaroni and cheese, apple fries, and low-fat milk. [Consumerist]

• Jeffrey Chodorow was spotted at the opening party for his rooftop bar at the Empire Hotel looking over plans for the redesigned Ono with his architect. [Insatiable Critic]

• Can knife skills be learned simply by reading a book and watching a DVD? [Slate]

• Three Nassau County residents were added to the list of more than 800 people that have fallen ill from the salmonella outbreak. [Newsday]

Trans-Fat-Less Goods Still Tasty; Burger King’s ‘Healthy’ Kids