Tracy Westmoreland Thinks Siberia Belongs in Brooklyn

Westmoreland outside of a potential location.
Westmoreland outside of a potential location. Photo: Tamra Gallegos

Tracey Westmoreland is still looking for a new home for Siberia, and he says it may just be in Brooklyn. He tells us that for six months he’s been trying to lock down a former food-cart depot in Hell’s Kitchen, but the landlord has stalled the potential sale owing to insurance issues and plumbing disasters (as if bad plumbing ever stopped Siberia before!). He’s seriously considering two other places in midtown (he lives there, after all) and one in the East Village; however for the first time, he tells us, Brooklyn also seems like a strong possibility.

Westmoreland, who plays Mr. Blackjack in Michael Imperioli’s upcoming movie The Hungry Ghosts, tells us he just met a developer who wants to fund a project there. “I think Siberia would be more appropriate in Brooklyn,” he says. “What Siberia is should be in Brooklyn — they just don’t have anything like it.” So where in Brooklyn? Maybe the neighborhood where the grime of Hell’s Kitchen seems to have moved? “I’m going to take a real hard look at Sunset Park,” Westmoreland half-joked to us. “You got porn and Siberia — what else do you need? If you don’t get porn and you don’t get Siberia, I don’t want to meet you.” Brokers, we have this man’s number.

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Tracy Westmoreland Thinks Siberia Belongs in Brooklyn