Touche, Bouchee

We love France. The dogs sitting on chairs in restaurants, the double kisses from strangers, the openness to drinking wine during the day. But with prices these days, there aren’t many people who can jet off to Paris to experience French cuisine at its best. For a price much lower than sitting on a coach flight next to some guy who smells like curry, you can wander over to Back Bay for a delicious taste of France.

Bouchee, a traditional French brasserie on Newbury Street, serves delectable and authentic French meals in a beautiful atmosphere. In addition to plentiful outdoor seating, the spacious restaurant features a beautiful view over Newbury. But is the food as desirable as the location? Absolutely.

For those who agree that wine, bread, and cheese are the three main food groups, Bouchee can be your haven. Gone is the phobia of carbohydrates and alcohol consumption, because the wine list is so lengthy it rivals the book of Genesis. Our favorite hore d’ oeuvre is the baked Raclette, a warm and gooey cheese served over port-poached pears with baguette slices. It’s difficult to find something you might not like on the menu, which delivers traditional French dishes such as bouillabaisse and coq au vin, along with more modern options like mac and cheese. So if you get the chance to stop on by, don’t hesitate to just say oui.

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Touche, Bouchee