‘Top Chef’ Contestants Spotted at Whole Foods Last Night

Earlier today, one of our eagle-eyed readers noticed Top Chef filming outside of Craft, and now an Eater tipster reports that they got a glimpse of the contestants loading food into large white vans outside of the Whole Foods on Houston Street last night. Their description of the cheftestants is as follows.

• 20-something Indian-American woman, on the short side and looking a bit bedraggled.

• 40ish man, balding, gray hair, trim beard, smoking a cigarette and looking tough, black leather clogs.

• Late 30s man, tall, husky, like a mix between Season 3’s Joey, Howie and Season’$2 4’s Eric all rolled into one.

• Shorter Asian dude, wearing a wife beater, exceedingly tan, and covered with black tattoos.

• Tall, African-American woman with a bandana.

• Late 20s dude, dark hair, with the soft paunch of a Williamsburg hipster.

•Tall, thin pretty/crunchy looking female, no makeup.

• Another shorter, more non-descript female.

• There was another chick, tall, thin, blond, an indie pin-up, who might have been part of the crew.

• One of the coolers had the name “Gene” written on it.

And there’s your tip sheet. If you see these guys filming around town, do let us know. We’d much rather see photos of them than of Brangelina’s baby.

’Top Chef’: A Peek at the Cheftestants in Action [Eater]

‘Top Chef’ Contestants Spotted at Whole Foods Last Night