This Isn’t Your High School Cafeteria

When the word cafeteria comes to mind, it generally conjures memories of dropping your chocolate milk and curly fries-laden tray in front of your entire high school, while Wanda the sloppy joe cook watches from afar in her trademark apron and hair net. Well this is a different type of cafeteria, and don’t expect Wanda to be in sight.

Cafeteria, the chic Mediterranean restaurant on Newbury Street, is definitely part of the “see and be seen” genre of Boston restaurants. It draws a diverse crowd ranging from the European socialites permanently in sunglasses to fanny-pack wearing tourists. But luckily, the menu offers something for everyone, therefore sustaining the true mission of a cafeteria.

For a light meal try the pear salad, a mix of baby arugula, Bartlett pears, toasted walnuts and Gorgonzola chunks. It’s the perfect meal to to eat while sitting on cafeTeria’s coveted patio, a prime people watching spot. For something a bit heavier, the Kobe beef burger is a favorite of many, and personal pizzas are delectable and filling.

There are clearly many reasons why cafeTeria is better than your high school lunch spot, but at the top of the list is the ability to order alcoholic beverages without getting sent to the principal’s office. cafeTeria’s champagne cocktails are simply perfection. In flavors such as pear, raspberry, and passion fruit, you will forget about sloppy joes and hair nets in no time.

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[Photo: Beaufurn]

This Isn’t Your High School Cafeteria