Bloomberg’s Last Meal; Starbucks Sandwiches Reprieved

• Mayor Michael Bloomberg channeled Elvis when describing what he would eat if he had one last breakfast: “Wonder Bread toasted, with Skippy Super Chunky melted on it, slices of overripe banana, and fresh, crisp bacon.” [NYP]

• With calorie counts now on display, it’s frighteningly clear how Americans consume too many calories. Ever heard of the 2,330-calorie Jack Daniel’s Sampler appetizer at T.G.I. Friday’s? [WSJ]
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• Maybe if Americans weren’t eating such large portions, the rest of the world wouldn’t have to starve. [Reuters]

• Reversing an earlier decision, Starbucks will continue to sell warm breakfast sandwiches, but with a less overpowering odor. [WSJ]

• Now that you’re eating at home more often in an effort to cut back on spending, the big food companies are seeing their profits rise. [NYT]

• Can’t afford the pricey lobster rolls of Manhattan? As with so many other things, just head to Brooklyn for cheaper versions. [Chow]

Bloomberg’s Last Meal; Starbucks Sandwiches Reprieved