The Trucks of MIT

When we’re spending the lunch hour near Kendall, we’ll be the first admit interesting, affordable options can be a bit lacking. Don’t great minds need great food?

Lucky for us, there are trucks. Every day, a whole pack of them drive into the MIT parking lot off Main Street at Ames Street, circle up in the shadow of the Stata Center, offering some of the best cheap food in the area. The diversity can’t be beat, and the cash only mobile food stands almost hearken back to a day of lunch counters and sandwich pails.

Our favorites include the Mexican truck (known as Jose’s but with no menu online), which makes huge, cheap burritos and amazingly fresh salads. The Middle Eastern truck, Jerusalem Cafe, has the standard shawarma and falafel, both equally solid choices. We recommend swinging by for the lentil soup too. Goosebeary’s is among the most popular and has stellar Chinese food and provides yet another reason you and your wallet will both be happy. And yes, we know sometimes the trucks seem nameless, but we’re all for pointing in the right direction, name or cuisine, whichever works for you.

[Photo: Dan4th/Flickr]


The Trucks of MIT