The Other Crust

If you dare to bring up the word pizza in Boston, pretty much all you’ll hear about is the divine beauty of The Upper Crust, and its magical fairy tale of how a group of friends came together to create the holy grail of pizza for Massachusetts. Their delicious blend of cheese and spices, and the interesting combinations they manage to create, oh how glorious! And don’t be mistaken, we eat Upper Crust regularly. It’s damn good. But there are alternatives out there (besides Dominos) that many Bostonians often forget about when choosing their pizza.

Enter: Bostone Pizza, which offers an extremely diverse menu and delivery service. Their 2 forms of pizza include the Traditional, which is the typical thin crust pizza, and the Sicilian, a deep dish, thick and cheesy variety cut into squares. Our personal favorite is the tomato basil, a white pizza with huge tomato slices laid over basil leaves and mixed with olive oil. Amazing.

But where Bostone Pizza has the upper hand on the Upper Crust is their diverse menu that offers everything from subs and pasta dishes to wings and steaks. Basically, there’s something to please everyone in your party. So if you’re looking for great delivery pizza but someone in your crowd craves something else, feel free to get Bostoned.

Bostone Pizza [MenuPages]
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The Other Crust