The NYC Cheesesteak Truck

Philadelphia’s choicest mystery meat-cheesesteaks can, of course, be found at Center City food carts and at food trucks throughout the Delaware Valley. But what do other cities do when they look for cheesesteaks of cheap price and dubious origins?

Well, until recently, New York had the $4.99 steak truck. Originally discovered by the strangely engrossing Midtown Lunch, it served foot-long cheesesteaks for $4.99, while another nearby cart sold $4 cheesesteaks that come in either hoagie rolls (err, hero rolls) or (!) pita bread.

However, just a week after they blogged about them, the cheesesteak truck raised their price to $5.95. Scary, eh?

On another note, we really hope some enterprising food vendor will start selling NYC-style chicken & rice. Sweet Jesus that stuff is good.

Philly Cheesesteak Street Truck Cart Lunch [Midtown Lunch]

[Image via Midtown Lunch]

The NYC Cheesesteak Truck