The Mysterious Waiter Revealed

Today’s an exciting day, food-blog-wise. You all know “The Waiter” over at Waiter Rant, right? Well, no longer! Now you know a man named Steve Dublanica, a former waiter who writes a blog and whose book debuts today.

The New York Post has the story of a man who shared in print many of the things the rest of us former service industry types wait to tell people until they’re too drunk to remember. Serving food that may have come into contact with the floor, giving everybody decaf coffee, regardless of their order, spitting in food, these things happen. Not necessarily by Dublanica himself (well, the coffee thing, yeah) but they do happen, and he’ll tell you about it.

For the last four years, Dublanica has made no move to cover up any potentially shocking aspect of the service industry as he cranks out sometimes bitter, sometimes philosophical, sometimes funny essays. He naturally kept his own identity and that of his restaurant a secret, and “Cafe Machiavelli,” somewhere in suburban New York, remains unnamed.

Now that he’s a big-time author, however, Dublanica has to do things like radio appearances on Bloomberg and Leonard Lopate, guest-blogging for Powell’s Books, and being the subject of feature articles in the New York Post, so he had to come clean. He also quit his job, apparently. Now who’s going to introduce you to terms like “crop dusting?

Secret Service: The Waiter Gets Mad — And Gets Even [NY Post]
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[Photo: An anonymous waiter via independentman/flickr]

The Mysterious Waiter Revealed