The Monday Report: Hot Child In The City

It’s that special time of the year again when you pretend to actually like your coworker so you can gain access to their rooftop pool. So get on it, and bring some delectable take-out as a thank you.


Boston: A Pennsylvania chain of fresh salad restaurants called Saladworks is looking to the Boston area as its next target. The company’s CEO cites Boston’s “health conscious and highly educated people” as the reason for the expansion. Yes, he means the city constructed on clam chowder and lobster rolls. [Boston Globe]

Dedham: Five Guys Burgers and Fries is finally coming to the Boston area. The company’s director says “We don’t pretend to be healthy.” We’re positive those “health conscious” Bostonians previously mentioned will be hoovering cheeseburgers in between 5K jogs. [Boston Globe]

Fields Corner: We’re trying to think of Haitian restaurants, and none come to mind. Solution: Belle Cuisine, the new Haitian restaurant now open in Dorchester. [[Lower Dot]

Jamaica Plain: T. J. Scallywaggle’s, the vegan pizzaria in Allston, is opening a second location in JP. That name has always made us think of H.R. Pufnstuf and their creepy puppets that haunted our childhood dreams, but we bet there’s enough vegans in JP to make this a successful venture. [Jamaica Plain Gazette]

Theater District: Mexican food is heading downtown when Maria’s Taqueria opens on Tremont. How will it compare to Anna’s Taqueria? You’ll have to try it and see. [Chowhound]


Bay Village: Rachel’s Kitchen has been laid to rest, but Rachel has not. She’s now behind Cambridge’s Hungry Mother. [Chowhound]

Davis Square: Boloco is closing its Davis Square location, but don’t expect their other Boston spots to vanish. This was simply a case of poor location and high competition from the 6 or so other burrito joints in the area. [Boston Globe]

[Photo: 251 Pacific Street]

The Monday Report: Hot Child In The City