Taking It Easy in Inman Square

No matter how you roll through Inman Square, there are ways to feed your face. Consider the following:

S&S; Restaurant might not be a diamond among stones, but it does do a few things right, namely a huge menu and the ability to handle large groups. It’s nice to breakfast-all-day-with-a-group options in our town aside from the IHOP, ya know? It sure is hard to mess up scrambled eggs and toast.

But for the seekers among us, we’d send you down the block to All Star Sandwich Bar. Some balk at an $8 sammie, but we like local spots with nice folks who fill our bellies. It might be a sandwich place, but their chili is to die for. And can you say free Oreos?

Alas, real dessert is often in order. Not to fear: Christina’s has every strange and wonderful flavor of ice cream or sorbet you could want. Everything is seasonal, rotating around like the planet, but we say you can never go wrong with chocolate.

S&S; Restaurant and Deli [Official Site]
All Star Sandwich Bar [Official Site]
Christina’s Homemade Ice Cream [Official Site]

[Photo: lilivanili/Flickr]


Taking It Easy in Inman Square