Shabu Shabu, Love You, Love You

Who hates a hot pot? We’re assuming the only dissenters among us are those who haven’t tried it. This delicious DIY Japanese cuisine is good even on muggy summertime evenings.

A sure bet for a good meal, Shabu-Zen is our runner up for the Boston C-town shabu scene. Dig: fresh ingredients, quick service, yummy sake, a wide array of veggies, delicate slivers of beef and chicken for your cooking pleasure. First time? The staff will provide instructions. Open ‘til midnight on the weekends!

But Kaze is by far our fave. This Chinatown destination is a must-have for a shabu craving, conveniently located in the heart of downtown madness. And, if it makes you feel better about the authenticity of your food, we’ve had a few minor communication problems with the staff here over time. Lucky for us, we find this endearing and a sign that we are, in fact, in the right place for the right thing.

Shabu Zen [Official Site]
Kaze Shabu Shabu [Official Site]

[Photo: w00kie/Flickr]


Shabu Shabu, Love You, Love You