Seven Days of Ethanol

Happy Friday! We have exciting weekend plans of driving four hours north to go to a friend’s vegetarian potluck wedding, and we are bouncing up and down with anticipation (seriously, literally, apologies for any typos). For those nights that we don’t spend out of town, today’s Thrillist has given us a very exciting breakdown of where to get cheap drinks every night of the week. Their picks for drinking, and our picks for what to eat before/during/after the consumption of that volatile, flammable, colorless liquid we like to call alcohol — after the jump!

Fridays: Victory Liquors
Thrillist says to drink: $3 Kilo Kai rum cocktails and $5 40s (King Cobra, Mickey’s, OE) served in brown paper bags.
We say to eat: The barbecue pulled-pork sandwich — it’s covered with our personal favorite BBQ sauce (that’d be Sweet Baby Ray’s), and in our humble opinion, nothing complements a brown-bagged 40 like a sauce-smeared face. Sexy!

Saturdays: Risque Cafe
Thrillist says to drink: if you mention Thrillist, you get a $6 Ultimate Boilermaker: Lagunitas Censored with a shot of Buffalo Trace Bourbon.
We say to eat: The turkey leg. Why? When you a turkey leg on a menu, friends, you order it. Also: good for drunken gesturing.

Sundays: Halligan Bar (2274 N Lincoln Ave, at W Belden; Lincoln Park; 773 472 79400)
Thrillist says to drink:$2 domestic bottles, $4 bloodys, and $6 vodka lemonade pitchers
We say to eat: Basically anything from delish Vietnamese joint Simply It, which is more or less next door. The sticky rice cake is up there with empanadas when it comes to perfect drunken-eating food.

Mondays: Cobra Lounge (235 N Ashland Ave, at W Walnut; West Town; 312 226 6300)
Thrillist says to drink: $2 Lone Stars, Jim Beam shots, and vodka drinks from Level
We say to eat: Do the high-low thing by going to La Luce beforehand for a buttoned-up Italian dinnner. Gnocchi lays down the perfect absorbency layer for a night of shots.

Tuesdays: Finn McCool’s
Thrillist says to drink: $10 domestic table tappers (giant vertical things that hold 7 glasses of beer).
We say to eat: If the equivalent of $0.70 per beer isn’t enough to fill you up, can’t go wrong with Guinness-battered shrimp.

Wednesdays: McFadden’s
Thrillist says to drink: $1 High Lifes/Natty Lights, $2 wells, $3 SoCo & lime shots
We say to eat: We’re not going to lie — that drinks lineup makes us feel a little collegiate and pukey. But this bar serves ice cream. Ice cream!

Thursdays: The Chipp Inn (832 N Greenview Ave, at W Fry; West Town; 312 421 9052)
Thrillist says to drink: $2 “Grab Bag” of PBR, Old Style, Schlitz, Special Export, Hamm’s, and other blue-collar faves.
We say to eat: Chorizo-potato tacos at Flo, right around the corner.

7-day Cheap Drinking Guide [Thrillist]

[Photo: Chicken drinking beer, via Mark Klotz’s Flickr]


Seven Days of Ethanol