Salman Tartare

312 Dining Diva has the scoop on this Thursday’s “Cocktails and Conversation” event at Vermilion. Nobel laureate, infamous fatwa-carrier, ex-husband of living goddess Padma Lakshmi, and, for the record, uncanny doppelganger to the professor we TA’d for in college, Salman Rushdie will be maxin’ and chillaxin’ with the unwashed masses (that’s us!) from 8:30-9:30 over a cash bar.

We once found ourselves alone in a lobby with Salman. It was the ‘07 Beard Awards – we’d snuck out early from the mind-numbingly boring awards ceremony in order to lay siege to the Per Se table (unlimited salmon cornets!), and he’d shown up really really late. He was on the phone with Padma, irately informing her that he was standing next to a particular column and where the hell was she and why couldn’t she come meet him right now not in five minutes now. It was eerily reminiscent of scenes from some of our own previous relationships, and made us feel significantly less guilty at never having been able to finish Midnight’s Children.

312DD’s Audarshia notes that Padma once confided to her that Vermilion was her favorite Indian restaurant in the entire country, so it might be worth showing up just on the off chance that she shows up and makes Salman start feeling twitchy and uncomfortable. Of all the gin joints… you know the rest.

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[Photo of Padma, as Salman looks on, at the very same Beard Awards we mentioned above, via your pal Matt’s Flickr, for Gothamist.]

Salman Tartare