Roxy Will Reopen if You ‘Preserve New York’s Outstanding Nightlife’

When we last checked in with the Roxy, a Community Board 4 member told us it was looking good for the club to reopen and host roller skating nights, but the owners didn’t show to a meeting. Now almost a year later, it seems like they may have their paperwork in order, based on podcaster Joe Caro’s rallying call.

This Tuesday, you have a real opportunity to stand up for New York City nightlife, which has been increasingly under attack from a small group of residents. These groups are fighting to end the city’s legacy as a global nightlife destination, attempting to allow fewer licenses to be issued, closing bars early, and even shutting down some venues. The historic Roxy nightclub is attempting to reopen, and their ability to obtain a liquor license may be blocked by Chelsea’s fringe anti-nightlife activists. On Tuesday, you can attend Community Board 4’s Business Licenses & Permits Meeting and ask the Board to preserve New York’s outstanding nightlife.

We doubt Caro will succeed in getting the Roxy designated as a landmark, and we doubt he’s winning any friends on the CB when he writes, “The anti-nightlife frenzy of Community Board 4 is destroying the quality of life for thousands of people in our community. Let’s exercise our democratic rights and reopen Roxy.” But we’ll say this much — a city cannot survive on Studio B’s roller skating parties alone.

The Roxy, Bring It Back!!! [Joe Caro’s Podcast]

Roxy Will Reopen if You ‘Preserve New York’s Outstanding Nightlife’