Red Hook Vendors Return; What the Candidates Like to Eat

• The Red Hook vendors have returned! Prices are “ever-so-slightly higher” and only six out of ten stands are open, owing to pending DOH approval, but they’re back. [Eater]

• Apparently in Brooklyn it’s acceptable to rent out restaurants for nude dinner parties. [NYP]

• Club-related crime, general debauchery, and puking all appear to be on the rise in the still-not-dead club scene in Chelsea. [NYP]

• When they’re home, John McCain likes to go out for Tex-Mex, while Barack Obama goes for the more upscale gourmet Mexican. On the road, however, both men’s food of choice is the humble slice of pizza. [WSJ]
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• By the end of June, U.S. food prices had risen 5.3 percent in 2008, and more increases are on the way. You might want to lay off the Kraft cheese products, which may go up by as much as 25 percent. [FT]

• Coming soon to 10th Street: Ninth Street Espresso! [EV Grieve]

• With the no-fine period now over, health inspectors can start handing out citations ranging from $200 to $2,000 to chains that aren’t properly displaying calorie information on their menus and signs. [NYT]

• No surprises here, but the biggest problem with modern American nutrition is that we consume too many calories. Way too many calories. [SF Gate]

• And on that note, studies show that calories from fat and calories from carbohydrates are equally likely to make you gain weight. [Time]

Red Hook Vendors Return; What the Candidates Like to Eat