Quetzal Internet Café

We have a great deal of sympathy for the café owner these days. It seems that any café worth lingering in attracts laptops, and any place that attracts laptops both invites laptop-carrying patrons to sit for hours nursing a $1.50 cup of coffee and has a hard time maintaining an inviting atmosphere for those patrons that still frequent cafés to read a book or catch up on a crossword.

Like many San Franciscans we often find the chance to “work from home” or tend to find creative inspiration outside of our apartment, but we also we find it surprisingly difficult to pin down cafes with free Wi-Fi and even more difficult to find cafés with free Wi-Fi that don’t mind laptop gazers intermingling with latte lingerers.

Quetzal Internet Café on Polk near Bush in Nob Hill really does its best to accommodate all types of café goers. First of all, it is a self-proclaimed Internet café so you should feel free to bring your laptop and expect to connect to the World Wide Web without a problem. The added bonus is they have several iMacs (and one lone PC for you remaining Windows users out there) if you don’t have a laptop (or iPhone) and you need to, say, check the guest list on an eVite or look up something on Wikipedia. Of course, Quetzal is a full service Internet café, which means that in addition to surfing the web, you can also print, fax, scan and even burn CDs and DVDs.

Quetzal also has a full menu that includes breakfast, lunch and dinner. They mainly serve sandwiches and salads, but we’ll say that the food is right on target for a this type of establishment—nothing particularly brilliant, but nonetheless food you’d want to eat as opposed to food you have to eat so you can work for a couple of hours without feeling guilty. They have beer and wine in addition to an espresso bar that churns out one amazing Mocha so basically Quetzal is the perfect place to be productive without freeloader’s guilt or hunger pains.

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Quetzal Internet Café