Publican Convention

That new beer-centric restaurant from Paul Kahan, wundercreator of Blackbird and Avec that we have been getting ourselves psyched about for, like, ever? Finally has a date and a name! Per The Stew, it’ll open August 18, and it’s called The Publican.

After some speculation about the various potential meanings of the name (renaissance slang for a pimp? Roman military tax collector? Re___? No, no, and no), Eng and Vettel learn that “the name comes from the Renaissance term for a tavernkeeper, which makes a lot of sense in a place with such a huge selection of ales, lagers, stouts and ciders.”

So, yeah, tres sensical. Of course, to us, a publican will always be best embodied by Keith, the death-destined, Tesco-pizza-loving blowhard from Achewood. You see, he lives in the computer of a vaguely British, highly cosmopolitan teddy bear named Cornelius who is also alive, and in the computer also lives this finch named Mr. Teal, who hates Keith, and so Cornelius agrees to work with Keith to… you know what? Just start at the beginning and read every single strip. Your life will be the better for it.

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Publican Convention