Pour Some Gravy On

Chicagoist’s roundup of the best places to get biscuits & gravy has us quite literally on the verge of calling it a day and taking off to consume the artery-clogging perfection. Our pick: Hawkeye’s Bar & Grill (if only because it reminds us of our youthful years).

Still, we’re pretty freaking intrigued by Chuck Sudo’s suggestion that you “Keep a close eye on your wallet or purse while you’re” at Huddle House (4748 N. Kimball, 773-588-5363), which “looks like the place where runaways go to permanently disappear.” Wonder how long it’ll take before the authenticity-hounds at LTHForum are swarming all over the place (not, for a moment, that we blame them).

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[Photo: Biscuits and Gravy, via su-lin’s Flickr]


Pour Some Gravy On