Hot Dogs Go Steampunk

Neverwas Steam Cooked Hot Dogs from Scott Beale on Vimeo.

We’re not sure that we really “get” the whole steampunk thing. (If you happen to be a food-loving, MenuPages-reading, steampunk, please feel free to explain the allure to us!) That said, this video about steamed hot dogs, or “steam-bangers,” does at least present the culture in language we speak fluently. It may not be the most 100% appetizing looking hot dog, but hey; a hot dog is a hot dog.

Unless someone out there has rigged up a steampunk hot dog steamer in their backyard, as far as we know, there’s nowhere to find steam-bangers in Philly (yet). If watching this video has set off a Pavlovian desire for hot dogs, never fear! There are plenty of places around town where you can find more conventionally prepared, but no less palatable dogs. After the jump, some ideas!

• Ages and ages ago, Neal answered a reader question about where to find a “Texas Tommy”. We stand behind the suggestions he made, and wish to throw in our own two cents about the splendor of the hot dogs at Moe’s Hot Dog House. We tend to fancy the “PGW,” which is loaded with baked beans and onions, but there’s no going wrong.

Five Guys may be a chain, but that’s no reason to knock their wursts. Okay, so they’re not exactly
wursts, but still: the nicely grilled hot dogs come on a terrifically absorbent bun, with a ton of options for toppings.

• The hot dogs at Bubby’s Brisket are exceedingly straightforward, but also delicious. We say: keep things classic here with nothing more than relish and mustard.

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Hot Dogs Go Steampunk