When Only Crepes Will Do

We grew up with crepes as a special Sunday treat, but quickly learned to make them ourselves so that we could have them for say, breakfast on a Saturday with a simple fruit spread, or dinner on a weeknight folded around some kind of savory delight. All this to say, we are devoted and voracious crepe eaters, and although we are able quell our cravings in a pinch, there is nothing (nothing!) like an expertly composed crepe from a true-blue creperie.

Lucky for us, Philly is home to Creperie Beau Monde, which is basically as delicious and authentic a Breton creperie as you will find outside of Brittany. Not only do they offer the more commonly found sweet crepes made with wheat flour, they also have buckwheat flour crepes, which will totally revolutionize the way you think of savory crepes. The light nutty flavor, and heartier mouthfeel pair so well with cheese, eggs, vegetables, mushrooms, and pretty much anything salty that you might want in your crepe.

You could go for, oh, a midday snack (we’re not saying we’ve done this, but neither are we saying we haven’t), but why not make a night of it? See, not only is Beau Monde an excellent dinner stop, with mouthwatering options like the buckwheat crepe with andouille sausage, ratatouille, and caramelized tomato sauce (so rich with flavors) or the grilled chicken breast with leeks, olives, goat cheese, and lemon butter (alternately creamy and sharp), it also happens to have a killer selection of wine and cider. Feeling especially carefree and celebratory? The upstairs is home to L’Etage, a cabaret with live entertainment on most nights.

Let’s just say that the number of crepes that we make at home decreased exponentially once we found out about Beau Monde, and leave it at that.

Creperie Beau Monde [MenuPages]
Creperie Beau Monde [Official Site]

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When Only Crepes Will Do