Noodles in the Sunset

Got off work kind of late one night last week, rode home like a zombie on the N thinking about what was in store for dinner and decided that it was definitely Chinese food or nothing. The weather had turned and it was all foggy, which for us meant it was time to eat comforting food like noodles. Noodles are always warm and comforting. We have a lot of noodle options in our neighborhood, Hotei being one of the more popular favorites, but we ultimately ended up going to Nan King Road Bistro on 9th between Irving and Judah because we like it and it always surpasses our expectations.

To be honest, Nan King is somewhat mystifying. You’ll never really see a whole lot of people inside, but then again you never seem to meet anyone that doesn’t like it. In fact, on our way up to the take out counter to place our order we noticed two of our friends seated at a corner table enjoying hot and sour soup and decided to join them instead of being super hermity back home on the couch in sweats eating from a little white container.

The pricing at Nan King is pretty damn reasonable, the food is fresh and we’ve had several items off the menu now and haven’t once been disappointed. Our favorites: Double Happiness, the curry noodles (with chicken) dish and the Hot and Sour soup. That night we all shared the Mongolian Noodles and the Raspberry Chicken, which were both great. The best part is the portions are so large that the three of us were easily able split two dishes and still need a doggy bag (we also ordered a serving of potstickers, but still).

We typically get take-out here and we suspect it’s because we don’t find the ambiance persuasive enough to dine-in. It’s kind of a Disney/Wolfgang Puck faux art deco deal and we’re not sure it gives off the right vibe. It doesn’t really say Nan King, but then it doesn’t really make you want to run for the hills either. It’s clean, quiet and dimly lit during dinner which makes for a mostly pleasant experience. In any case, we can vouch for the food, which is really all that matters, right?

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Noodles in the Sunset