Mister Softee Is On The Warpath

When we picked up our copy of the Daily News this morning (well, when we looked at it online), we could hardly believe there was an article on Mister Softee. That’s because everyone’s favorite ice cream truck company is going after bootleg Mister Softee trucks. The Mister Softee company, based in Runnemede, NJ, is taking court action against multiple faux-Softees:

“Everybody acts like it’s not that big a deal, or say, ‘Oh, it’s just ice cream,’ ” said Jim Conway Jr., the company’s vice president. “My cousin and I paid millions to buy Mister Softee. It’s more than just ice cream.”

Last month, Mister Softee filed a trademark-infringement lawsuit in federal court against three ice-cream vendors operating out of New York and New Jersey.

The suit is one of about 15 that Mister Softee has filed in the past eight years to protect its 400 franchise dealers against copycats. It has never lost a case.”

With that said, let’s just add that it’s unbelievably awesome that you can rent Mister Softee trucks for parties.

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[Image via A Brooklyn Life]


Mister Softee Is On The Warpath