Mexican Food Done Right

Maria Bonita is a pretty non-descript looking taqueria from the outside. When you walk in, however, you are greeted with a large, varied menu, many daily specials, nice tables and coolers full of Mexican and domestic sodas and beers. With low prices and pretty great food, this out of the way Mexican place is a great spot to check out.

The burritos start on the grill, tortilla’s mildly grilling with the cheese melting on it (HUGE plus), and the seasoned yellow rice is a great surprise to those of us that have gotten used to bland white rice in our burritos. The fish tacos (pictured above) were incredible, lightly battered and fried fish with cabbage and their special taco sauce. They were hard to put down!

With breakfast selections available as well, we really recommend stopping into this little shop. Trying it recently, we were very upset at ourselves for driving past it every day for over two years without stopping. Please don’t make the same mistakes we’ve made and stop in as soon as you can!

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Mexican Food Done Right