Location of the City’s Next ‘Exclusive and Luxurious’ Club Revealed

Fake out!
Fake out!

Yesterday, Guest of a Guest recapped a night of parties and caught its breath just long enough to tell us that Matt Levine, owner of Steelo Clothing, is opening a club called the Eldridge within the next couple of weeks. “We know you’ve all heard this before,” GoaG shills, “but we believe this time it’s true. The Eldridge is going to be unlike any club in New York City. The Eldridge is going to be more exclusive and luxurious than anything currently out there. It is going to raise the bar of New York nightlife. And that’s all we can say…for now.” Of course, we can tell you a little more.

The Post describes the Eldridge as an “ultra-exclusive, members-only lounge,” but no one has revealed the location yet. So we’ll tell you that it will be at 247 Eldridge Street, in the 1,000-square-foot space that used to be Luv 24/7 (the lounge was recently on sale for $260,000, with a monthly rent of $4,500). Levine has redone the storefront to resemble a faux bookstore, with used tomes such as Weight Watchers Cookbook, The Conscience of the Rich, Letters of Sigmund Freud, and Roughnecks and Gentlemen. As Back Room and its faux toy store showed, it’s going to take a little more than this to make the Eldridge the hottest place in town. With Milk & Honey down the street, will it even be the most exclusive club on Eldridge Street?

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Location of the City’s Next ‘Exclusive and Luxurious’ Club