Inside Los Jalapenos

Deep in South Philly lies a Mexican restaurant called Los Jalapenos. The Daily News recently paid it a visit and found quite a few good dishes worth trying out:

“A good appetizer dish for sharing was the Queso Fundido ($6.50). Think a little grilled cheese, a little fondue, all topped off with spicy chorizo sausage. Rip off pieces of tortilla and dig in. The accompanying flour tortillas were light, with just enough chewiness for texture.

The Pico de Gallo Nachos ($4.50) also made my list of favorites. A mound of crispy tortilla chips was covered with beans, cheese, pickled jalapenos and sour cream. […]

Another sauce hit at Los Jalapenos was the salsa. I have heard a rumor that it regularly inspired thievery at an Italian Market watering hole when a bartender would order a delivery for his break. He would often find this spicy, tart, chunky tomato-cilantro concoction had gone missing, along with the tortilla chips.

I will say, it is good enough to let one’s moral compass wander.”

You hear that, people? Good salsa.

Los Jalapenos masters most Mexican dishes [DN]

[Photo: Christina Mazza/Daily News]

Inside Los Jalapenos