I Think I’m Turning Lebanese

Okay, we admit those aren’t the correct song lyrics. Nor is the song anyhow affiliated with Middle Eastern cuisine. But when we get our hands on some delicious Lebanese food, we continue to sing its praises for days.

Along the row of restaurants and businesses on Cambridge Street is Phoenicia, a small, family run gem that is dedicated to top quality food at affordable prices. While ordering your falafel roll-up typically means calling for delivery over the phone from your kitchen, Phoenicia incorporates full service dining at take-out prices. However, the low price of the food is no indicator of its quality.

We ordered a falafel sandwich with the works (feta, tabbouleh, and hummus) expecting a small sandwich for the price (around $6). Instead, we were given what resembled a wooden log constructed out of falafel. The sandwiches are so massive you’ll probably be toting home a doggy bag with tomorrow’s lunch in it. Other favorites include the tabbouleh appetizer plate, which combines a perfect balance of spices like parsley and mint with fresh pita. Luckily, Phoenicia also offers take-out and free delivery as well, so if you feel like enjoying your meal on the couch in front of the TV, they are happy to comply.

Phoenicia [MenuPages]

[Photo: Like to Cook]

I Think I’m Turning Lebanese