Hot Dogs All Over The Place!

We have just about 24 hours before Takeru Kobayashi and Joey Chestnut compete to put the nation off its food for the rest of its collective birthday in the Nathan’s hot dog eating contest. Until then, however, what better way to celebrate our independence and day off from work than with a local favorite hot dog?

Our great nation boasts regional takes on many classic foods, and hot dogs are no exception. From half-smokes in Washington, DC to the weird monster known as the Chicago dog, a foot of pressed meat scraps on a bun doesn’t say anything about a person’s identity more than in the U.S. With that in mind, have a look at this little collection of photos from MenuPages cities around the country. Then go pick up a frank!

Chicago has one of the most recognizable dogs, if only for its unlikely construction and Technicolor toppings [via Benimoto/flickr]:

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South Florida’s a bit all over the map, if that map is of Latin America. Local editor Carolina Bolado says Floridians favor many different Latin ingredients. Here’s a classic from fave Dogma Grill [via their website]:

San Franciscans eat a lot of hot dogs while staggering home through the Mission District late at night. These puppies come wrapped in bacon and topped with grilled onions and peppers This photo accurately captures the feeling of ordering one of these things [via brandi666/flickr]:

Bostonians get all kinds of weird junk on their dogs, because they love ordering from Spike’s Junkyard Dogs, which serves things like a Buffalo Dog, with bleu cheese and wing sauce, and a Samurai Dog, with teriyaki sauce and sauteed onions. See how stoked these guys are? [via willismonroe/flickr]:

Finally, we’ve saved Philadelphia’s trademark dog for last because it is the downright gnarliest. This monster, known as the Texas Tommy, not only comes wrapped in bacon, but smothered in neon cheese sauce. Beware! [via freakapotimus]

Hot Dogs All Over The Place!