High Tide at the Frying Pan

When we told you about the Frying Pan’s quiet reopening last week, a commenter wrote, “noooooo … I hate sharing.” And who wouldn’t understand this reaction? By Thursday, the boat was in full swing again, according to a tipster. The good thing about the Pan, of course, is that seating abounds — when we stopped in this past Saturday at 10 p.m. for a follow-up inspection, the joint was most definitely hopping (or blazing, in the case of one patron) but it stopped just short of being the Dockers commercial from hell.

At the bar: 21 people, 6 empty seats.
On the barge: 166 people, 23 empty tables.
On the sky deck: 12 people, 18 empty tables. Best bet.
On the Frying Pan: 16 people, 3 empty tables.
Inside the Frying Pan: Total darkness.
Foosball and Ping-Pong tables: Occupado.

There you have it — it’s safe to go on the water again.

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High Tide at the Frying Pan