Happy National Cheesecake Day!

Today is National Cheesecake Day. Why? No idea. But hey, we don’t really need an excuse to eat cheesecake. Or to look at it for that matter. So here, after the jump, we present the best that Flickr has to offer in cheesecakes.

Photo of plain cheesecake, above: chernwei/flickr

Here’s an intriguing one from Sashertootie on Flickr with red beans with a graham cracker crust. Looks pretty tasty, no?

This one has a brownie on the bottom and peanut butter cups on top. Want. Now. From mmmm, brains on Flickr.

I love love love this idea. Totally doing this for my next party. From ::fanny::.

Deep fried cheesecake? Seems…superfluous. From Scuzzi.

Melissss shares a great shot of a cheesecake that has a cookie crust and another layer of cookie on top. Looks heavenly.

Happy National Cheesecake Day!