Hamptons Restaurant Sues for Racial Persecution

The Hampton Bays Diner is suing the town of Southampton, its police department, and the SLA, based on allegations that, per court papers that Cityfile has obtained, cops “launched a series of attacks upon the plaintiffs, with the intent to prevent the plaintiffs from continuing to draw Hispanics into their restaurant, and to prevent them from doing so in the first place.” According to papers, the Diner, after it started a Hispanic Night, was raided more than once in order to drum up “trumped-up charges” that were then dismissed in court. However, it didn’t end there.

After learning that the trumped-up cases were dismissed, the defendants became enraged, and they proceeded to enlist two employees of the New York State Liquor Authority (John Does #s 8 and 9) to accompany a police sergeant, defendant KIERNAN, to the plaintiffs’ restaurant for the purpose of securing a written “confession” from the plaintiffs, which the defendants now intend to use to finally convince the State liquor authority to revoke the plaintiffs’ liquor license.

Only in Southampton, right? Actually, this is the sort of police scrutiny that Manhattan clubs that host hip-hop performances (are there still any left?) have long complained about. Restaurant owners, you might want to keep your music selection less controversial. Like, you know, Elvis.

Southampton Hates Latinos, or So Says a Diner Owner [Cityfile]

Hamptons Restaurant Sues for Racial Persecution