Future of Financial District Grime Looks Bright

Cordato's, the original grind-and-grinders joint.
Cordato’s, the original grind-and-grinders joint.

Last time we checked in with neighbors Cordato’s and the Pussycat Lounge, they were in a fight for their lives with hotelier Sam Chang. According to The Real Estate, however, that changed in May when Chang sold 96 Greenwich to Pussycat owner Robert Kremer for $2.5 million. Kremer recently celebrated by installing a small lap-dance room, meaning that after 35 years, dancers are no longer confined to shaking their moneymakers behind the bar.

Meanwhile, the Downtown Express reports that Cordato’s, the deli-and-slice joint that was under fire for hosting lap dancers in its hidden back bar, may go legit. Community Board 1’s Financial District Committee has issued provisional approval for a cabaret license (the owner of Cordato’s insists there’s no dancing, the place isn’t “Dirty Mike’s” like people say, and he just wants the license for people who want to groove to the jukebox). During its July 29 meeting, the full board will officially decide what to advise the Department of Consumer Affairs, which issues the license, but it’s not too early to say that it may once again be grime time on Rector Street.

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Future of Financial District Grime Looks Bright