Food And Fireworks At Fisherman’s Wharf

It’s that time again. Fog-obscured fireworks, tofu barbecue ribs, “Impeach Bush” signage—sounds like July 4 in San Francisco.

Even if we like to celebrate a little differently than some of our more traditionally patriotic neighbors, San Franciscans never balk at the chance to celebrate something (we’re pretty sure we have a red, white and blue feather boa laying around somewhere). It’s also one of the very few times that San Franciscans will be caught at Pier 39 without relatives or company in town. It can’t be helped. This is where the City hosts its massive fireworks display.

Wanna check out the festivities at the Wharf and still get your Independence Day burger on? No fear, there’s an In-N-Out Burger and Johnny Rockets within walking distance of the sea lions. If you’d rather go for sea food try to get a table at Scoma’s, but be warned: tourists + good food + huge portions = long waits.

And of course, for the Foodie Elite, there’s Gary Danko, just far enough from and close enough to the masses to be able to experience the holiday without sacrificing too much in the way taste bud dignity. If you didn’t make your reservations two months ago you’re not going to get a table, but if your idea of acknowledging our stars and stripes is eating at a five star restaurant then we recommend trying to get a seat at the bar—same food, no fuss.

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[Photo via http2007/Flickr]

Food And Fireworks At Fisherman’s Wharf